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Chiropractic Spinal & Extremity Adjusting

As members of this modern health care profession, the doctors at Concord Chiropractic Clinic provide a unique combination of functional analysis, healing skills, and a holistic approach, all directed at achieving optimal health.

It is amazing how many symptoms are caused by simple biomechanical glitches in the spinal and extremity joints. Frequently, it occurs in your sleep from posture and muscle tightness. From the elite athletes, working out to their maximum efforts, to the weekend warriors running mile after mile, to those playing soccer, tennis, pickleball, or golf, to those who are also mowing and gardening, to the homemaker with kids, a husband, and a house to look after, to the office worker chained to the computer all day, to the older generation who have been there and done that and now have arthritis, sports chiropractic offers an abundance of options that are safe, drugless, and often provide immediate in relief.

The body is so interconnected because the nervous system is everywhere, including in the joints. Think about this. Instantaneously, every moment, the nervous system has to account for the positioning and movement of 206 bones before it activates any of the 600+ muscles. When muscles contract, the bones move.

To coordinate the muscles and motion of all the joints, we have a built-in "position sense," technically referred to as proprioception, that is derived from special sensors in the ligaments of all of the joints. So in essence, the joints and muscles are wired together. Thus, muscle tightness, tension, stress, spasm, and pain are symtoms of glitches in the joints, which is the essence of Chiropractic care.

We chiropractors are the "mechanics" of health care.