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Sports Chiropractic

Dr. Petty brings 26 years of experience with collegiate football, basketball, baseball, track, swimming and diving, soccer, softball, rowing, cheer and dance, as well as a stint at the Olympic Training Center, and 4 tours as a member of the US Track and Field Olympic Trials staff. Both doctors are Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioners, which includes sport specific functional analysis, extremity work, gait analysis, functional orthotics, myofascial work, and a holistic approach, all directed at achieving optimal performance.

It is amazing how many symptoms are caused by simple biomechanical glitches (joint dysfunction) in the spinal and extremity joints. Frequently, joint dysfunction occurs in your sleep due to muscle tightness from training hard and maybe being too lax on stretching. From young elite athletes, running mile after mile, to those playing football, track and field, basketball, baseball, swimming and diving, soccer, tennis, cheerleading, dance, or golf, there are specific quirks that tend to be sport specific.

One very common effect of joint dysfunction is muscle weakness in muscles adjacent to the involved joint. Joint ligaments contain special sensors that signal joint position to the nervous system that is used to coordinate the muscles thaty move that joint. This weakness is like a short circuit at the joint level due to joint dysfunction. Automatically, when one muscle shuts down, an adjacent muscle is recruited as compensation, and that becomes the painful muscle. This pain often occurs when there was no trauma. It could be the pulled muscle during sudden acceleration or deceleration.

As long as the joint dysfunction exists, the weakness and pain persists.

Even the older generation, who has been there and done that and now has arthritis to prove it, benefit from sports chiropractic, which provides an abundance of options that are safe, non-invasive, drugless, and often provide some immediate relief. For those with advanced degenerative conditions, our approach provides non-invasive, drugless means of wellness management to help support their desired activity level.